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Remedial work is carried out on site without the need to uplift the carpet unless otherwise stated.

If the complaint is due to any manufacturing errors and a repair can be made to settle the matter on site, we will carry out the necessary work without the need for a second visit.

Machine shearing can be carried out to correct sprouting or pilling on site.

All repair work is guaranteed by us for the lifetime of the material, in addition to any manufacturers guarantee - providing the carpet is subject to normal usage . ( wear outside normal usage include detufting on the risers, wear on stair nosings when it is not moved annually and pet damage ).

We can complete repairs to any type of carpet including the more usual Axminster, Wilton, Tufted ( inc graphics ) HB, FB, Bonded, ( Chinese, Turkish rugs etc ).

Remedial work can also be completed where the cause is due to:-

Latex contamination, fitting knife cuts, burns, wear and small stains etc.